Q.What is dehydrated food/meals?

A. Dehydrated food/meals is the outcome of a dehydration process where in moisture is removed from food so that the shelf life is increased.

Q.What is dehydration process?

A.Our dehydration process is very unique.Food is dried gently with low heat & therefore having minimal effects on the nutritional value of the food.The process produces high quality product when compared with foil packed Ready-to-eat Meals in which extreme temperature is involved for processing.

Q.Is dehydrated meals natural?

A.Dehydrated meals is 100% natural as it does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Q.What is the shelf life of dehydrated food/meals?

A.Shelf life of dehydrated cooked meals is four months.

Q. Can home cooked food/meals be dried?

A.Yes.Just call us to take an appointment & follow the guidelines given by us.

Q.Can Rotis,Parathas,Theplas be dried?

A.Rotis,Parathas & Theplas can be vacuum packed.

Q.We are not in Mumbai.How to send packets to our children studying abroad on a regular basis?

A.Just call us .We can guide you & also can make arrangements to deliver to any location in the world.